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Dutch punk singer catches flying beer mid-crowd surf, proving he is the greatest human ever

on June 14, 2015, 6:00pm

Though Bonnaroo is hogging most of the festival-related headlines right now, the highlight of the weekend goes to Pinkpop Fest via David Achter de Molen. Though his name might not ring a bell, de Molen is the lead singer of John Coffey, a Dutch punk rock band with a Green Mile-inspired name, and by the looks of this video he might have a future in the NFL, or whatever the Dutch equivalent is.

While taking a break from performing to walk atop the crowd, a beer was launched toward de Molen, who snagged it out of midair and finished the brew before tossing the cup away. The whole thing is so flippant, like he does this all the time. It’s truly a feat of athleticism that puts the rest of the human race to shame. Watch below as de Molen claims the title of “coolest human being alive.”