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Fucked Up shares epic 20-minute “Year of the Hare” single and video — watch

on June 03, 2015, 12:05pm

Today, Fucked Up has revealed its new single, “Year of the Hare”, a sprawling, 20-minute juggernaut that’ll knock the wind right out of you. The latest in the hardcore punks’ ongoing Zodiac singles series is presented through a bunch of visual, interactive “loops.” In them, a cubicle worker begins to go mad as he slowly notices new rabbits appearing in all forms (plush toys, costumed friends, etc.) each day. There even seems to be an allusion to Alice in Wonderland’s tardy hare in one scene. This would all be adorable if the rabbits in question were the cute and chubby kind, but this Trevor Blumas-directed video is mostly bonkers and unsettling.

According to Fucked Up’s site, you should be able to view various “loops” by using your keyboard and clicking around the page. It didn’t work all that well for me, so I ended up just refreshing the page at the end of each clip. Watch it here.

“The theme of ‘Year of the Hare’ focuses on time, and becoming lost in it,” guitarist Mike Haliechuk tells SPIN. “The modern way of life, getting stuck in time-sucking gadgets and trends, stress and scheduling. This unsolvable video we thought was an appropriate way to premiere the song online — in small little chunks of time that are impossible to navigate through, you can only get lost in them and try to find your way out.” (Totally a revision of Alice in Wonderland.)

The “Year of the Hare” 7-inch is due out on June 16th through Deathwish. For more, check out the B-side “California Cold”.