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Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, and Adrian Younge team up for “Let the Record Spin” — listen

on June 10, 2015, 11:55am

Ghostface Killah and composer Adrian Younge previously teamed up to release 2013’s comic book-based concept album Twelve Reasons to Die. The LP saw the Wu-Tang Clan rapper play the character of Tony Starks, an enforcer who worked for the New York City DeLuca crime family. Now, the two are joining forces for the sequel, Twelve Reasons to Die II, which is due out on July 10th through Linear Labs.

Following “Return of the Savage“, the vicious number featuring Wu-Tang members Raekwon and RZA, comes “Let the Record Spin”. Here, Raekwon returns with a handful of guest rhymes, and he and Ghostface take turns handling the mic. Younge’s throwback production marked by dusty beats and harrowing organ provide the track with an extra dose of danger. Listen in below.

A press release details the album’s backstory:

Twelve Reasons to Die Part II is set in the grimy streets of mid-1970s New York City. Descendants of the DeLucas are running the city but a new and powerful crime syndicate is rising, commanded by black gangster Lester Kane (personified by Raekwon). As his power grows, Kane takes on the DeLucas and a war ensues. Kane has always known the legend of Tony Starks, who was killed by the DeLucas in Italy (in part 1) and whose remains were partially used to create twelve vinyl records. When played back in the “old world,” the Ghostface Killah rose and destroyed the Italian faction. Enter Twelve Reasons to Die Part II.

Younge explains the context behind “Let the Record Spin”:

The saga continues in New York City, 1974…where Raekwon summons the spirit of Ghostface Killah by spinning 12 vinyl records comprised of Tony Starks blood from 1968. Ghostface Killah wants Rae’s character, Lester Kane, to resurrect his spirit from the dead so… Let The Record Spin.


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