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Le Butcherettes share crunchy new single “They Fuck You Over” — listen

on June 30, 2015, 2:10pm

Photo by Monica Lozano

Earlier this month, Le Butcherettes announced their latest LP, A Raw Youth, will drop September 18th via Ipecac Recordings. Today, they’ve shared the first sample of the Omar Rodriguez-Lopez-produced album with the gnarly lead single “They Fuck You Over”.

Considering that Teri Gender Bender said the album’s focus is on “the recurring conflict between minorities (the raw youths) and society: The oppressor and the oppressed,” leading with a song called “They Fuck You Over” makes a hell of a lot of sense. Crunchy guitars start low in the mix before leaping forward as bassist Jamie Aaron provides some bratty background vocals to Gender Bender’s plea for rebellion against those who would, well, fuck you over. “I try to manage this game,” she sings, “by doing the worst that I can.”

“It’s really the story of the band,” she said of the track in a press release. “Back in Guadalajara, there was so much corruption and jealousy in the music scene. We got stabbed in the back so many times. It was about how hard it is to start a band and keep true to your vision with everyone trying to hold you back.” Take a listen:

Out September 18th, A Raw Youth features guest appearances by Iggy Pop and John Frusciante. Ahead of the 12-track effort’s release, the band will tour alongside The Melvins. Find those dates here and the tracklist below.

A Raw Youth Tracklist:
01. Shave the Pride
02. My Mallely
03. Reason to Die Young
04. La Uva (feat. Iggy Pop)
05. Sold Less Than Gold
06. Stab My Back
07. They Fuck You Over
08. Witchless C Spot
09. The Hitch Hiker
10. Lonely & Drunk
11. Oil the Shoe If the Critter Knew Any Better
12. My Half (feat. John Frusciante)

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