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Lull shares new single “Dead or Alone” — listen

on June 04, 2015, 9:25am

London indie rock outfit Lull has only been a band for a little over a year, but their sound feels like something from decades prior. Their guitar-heavy, shoegaze sounds harken back to the fuzzed out daze of the ’90s. It’s a sound that inspired their name, droning and disenchanted. Now, they’re exploring that idea even further on their new single “Dead or Alone”.

Following the massive sounding single “Bubble Tea”, the band veer into drearier territory on “Dead or Alone”. Despite all of the guitar distortion, there’s a delicateness to the track. It’s a combustive combination that permeates throughout the track, balancing between overblown and introspective. Frontman Jon Billinge ironically sings tenderly about his temper, with crushing lines like, “Cause you’re always there when I’m angry/ No one’s ever there when I’m not.” They may not be from the ’90s, but their Daria-like self-deprecation suits them well.

“‘Dead or Alone’ was a reflection of that feeling of coming home again, but where that sense of home and belonging has shifted in ways you can’t control,” Billinge explains to Consequence of Sound. “It can be hard to gauge whether that change comes from within you or from other forces, so the song was my attempt to make sense of it. These moments spark in my mind and move on pretty quickly as their importance fades. I feel like that’s mirrored in the song, with this pop melody that falls easily in and out of dissonance and can’t quite sit on either side of the fence. That it ends in this messy, carefree solo is probably pretty apt. I didn’t call it ‘angst’ once, pretty proud.”

Listen in below, along with the rest of the band’s debut EP.

Grab your copy of Lull via PaperCup Music here.

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