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Smash Mouth singer goes on tirade, attempts to fight fans after being pelted with slices of bread

on June 15, 2015, 9:31am

Long ago, before the days of Shrek and that “All Star” song, Smash Mouth was actually a pretty legitimate, foul-mouthed rock band, as evidenced by their criminally underrated 1997 debut, Fush Yu Mang. For their next album, however, Smash Mouth went a much different direction. Their once abrasive sound devolved into mostly vanilla, emotionless, nonthreatening songs that, while suited for Radio Disney, mostly sucked.

But this weekend, fans who attended the Taste of Fort Collins street festival in Fort Collins, Colorado may have stumbled onto Smash Mouth’s kryptonite: bread. Apparently, at Taste of Fort Collins loaves of bread are given out to attendees as party favors, because why not. And what better way to use your newly acquired loaf than by throwing it at the world’s shittiest rock band.

After getting hit by a few slices, frontman Steve Harwell briefly reverted back to his 1990s persona, launching into a profanity-filled tirade. At one point, he threatened to go into the audience and had to be restrained by security members. Ultimately, the set was canceled.

Tl;dr: Throw bread at Smash Mouth, unleash raw emotion.