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Strange Arcs: Mark Wahlberg

on June 24, 2015, 12:00pm
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First a brief member of New Kids on the Block, then an iconic underwear model, and finally a rapper named Marky Mark who even he’s embarrassed to remember, Mark Wahlberg already boasts a strange arc towards becoming an actor. This week he’s performing alongside a CGI teddy bear, which some might argue isn’t so far off from talking to a bunch of farm animals, but Wahlberg has throughout his acting career managed to play roles beyond just the tough-guy action star. He even produced Entourage (show and film) of all things. In select roles, he’s broken out of being a bro or embraced it to the point that he was worthy of an Oscar nomination. In honor of Ted 2, we take a look at six of Mark “Say hi to your mother for me” Wahlberg’s most distinct performances.

Brian Welk
Contributing Writer

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