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The Lighthouse and the Whaler share new song “I Want To Feel Alive” – listen

on June 08, 2015, 4:30pm

Photo b​y Suzanne Price

If the name didn’t already give them away, The Lighthouse and The Whaler are steeped in literature. The Moby Dick allusion is apt for the Cleveland indie rock outfit, having spent their early career traveling across the country seeking out their sound and picking up new members along the way since their inception in 2008. Two albums and three EPs later, the band is embarking on their next voyage. They holed up in Montreal to record what became their newest album, Mont Royal, out August 28th via Roll Call Records. Now, they’re giving a sample of what’s to come with their latest single, “I Want To Feel Alive”.

“This song almost didn’t come with us to Canada,” the band says in a statement. “Before we left we were kind of stuck on where to go with it, but once we got in the studio and really began to feel the connection we had with the place, it evolved into a song that really moved us.”

The song plays up the pomp and drama ingrained in classic literature with reverb heavy guitars and weighty vocals. The pulsing kick drum and mandolin flourishes paint the scene for the band’s existential crisis, building up and up throughout the song. It’s a bit ironic that the lyrics keep repeating a mantra of wanting to feel alive, because the climactic moment when the strings and distorted guitars crash toward the end feels exceptionally vibrant and full of life.

Listen in below.

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