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Tiny Little Houses share new single “Easy” — listen

on June 01, 2015, 5:25pm

Folk four-piece Tiny Little Houses began as nothing but Caleb Karvountzis’ bedroom recordings. About a year ago, however, he brought together Sean Mullins, Clancy Bond, and Al Yamin to form the fully realized band, and they quickly released their first single. “Every man knows his plague; and you are mine” introduced the outfit’s dreamy take on ’90s folk pop sounds, replete with layered, reverberating vocals that float lightly even as they carry heavy loads of heartbreak. The band is prepping more such numbers for their debut EP for later this year. In anticipation, they’ve shared the first single, “Easy”.

While acoustic guitars strum underneath, an electric one takes on an air of mourning that sends the track floating down a rain-soaked boardwalk. The lyrics come pouring out at a stream-of-consciousness speed that recalls the ’90s indie music the band cut their teeth on. Though delivered in gentle, beatific harmonies, the words are far from cheery, as the chorus goes, “‘Cause you and I/ Are only ever going to be friends/ Oh, it’s not hell/ But it’s not easy.”

“‘Easy’ is set on a date during a summer night at Luna Park, which is an old amusement park we have on the foreshore of St. Kilda in Melbourne,” Karvountzi tells Consequence of Sound. “It’s based on my own experiences and how sad and strangely apathetic I felt at the same time. The song recounts the conflicting thoughts of a boy resigning himself to the fact that he won’t ever get any closer to the girl he loves no matter how badly he wants to.”

Take a listen:

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