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Top Songs of the Week (6/5)

on June 05, 2015, 11:45am
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Someone lit a real fire underneath the authors of this week’s Top Songs. Whether it’s Jay Rock mourning fallen friends, metal shredder Matt Pike and High on Fire continuing to scorch, or indie punks Nopes turning their guitars to 11 in the garage, things got a little aggressive this week. But, of course, there’s always that delicate interplay between extremes, and the smooth seduction of The Internet and beautiful electronics of CFCF balance things out perfectly.

10. Hag Face – “Rip It”

Hag Face

Hag Face comes from Calgary, Alberta, with a name that sounds like an insult but gets worn with pride. The foursome have songs with titles like “Psycho Bitch” in their catalog, which they scream like you’re daring them to prove how well it fits. “Rip It” is another crazed deconstruction of a two-word phrase, except this time Hag Face gets even more minimal. Don’t worry about the lyrics; you’ve already read the only discernible ones in full. The song lets the band flex its shrieks over a base of queasy back beats, changing tempos at will until the last ounce of viscera has oozed out of those two words. “Rip It” comes from Hag Face’s split 7-inch with Babysitter, due July 30th from Pleasance and Resurrection. –Sasha Geffen

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