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Top Songs of the Week (6/5)

on June 05, 2015, 11:45am
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9. CFCF – “The Ruined Map”

CFCF The ruined Map

Michael Silver’s existence as an electronic producer has been colored by acoustic experimentation, and “The Ruined Map”, from his next album as CFCF, practically channels Sufjan Stevens’ guy-plus-guitar pensiveness on Carrie & Lowell. The combination of Silver’s warm voice and the central acoustic guitar almost brings it into pastoral singer-songwriter territory. In the end, the story here lies not in the lyrics Silver sings, but rather in the sonics, the track pushing forward with a shimmer that suggests the new album, Radiance and Submission, might be the most beautifully recorded CFCF release yet. It’s out July 31st via Driftless Recordings. –Michael Madden

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