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Vicktor Taiwò shares introspective new song “Curse” – listen

on June 15, 2015, 10:10am

The works of Vicktor Taiwò embody an introspective sense. Case in point: the former photographer turned musician looks back at his childhood on his debut EP, Juno, out June 16th.

Taiwò moved from Nigeria to London when he was a young boy with little understanding of when how long it’d be before he’d visit his former home again. His latest song, “Curse”, reflects on such adolescent heartbreak with moody synth-pop production. Taiwò’s sultry voice coats the song with R&B earnestness, washing over heartbeat drums and distant, subtle acoustic guitar flourishes. He recalls his own faults throughout the song with transparent lines like, “I still pray for you when your curse my name/ But maybe boys my age make so many fucking mistakes”. Listen in below.

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