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Chris Pine cast as Wonder Woman’s love interest

on July 28, 2015, 9:00pm

Chris Pine has signed on to play Steve Trevor in Warner Bros’ upcoming Wonder Woman film. The star of the current Star Trek franchise reboot has long been rumored for the part, but TheWrap reports that he’s now officially inked a multi-picture deal.

There was a running theory in the fan community that Pine was actually in talks for the Hal Jordan role in DC Comics’ forthcoming Green Lantern Corps film, with some speculating that he’d been offered both roles and had to choose. If that’s the case, he clearly made his decision; either way, he’ll be playing the love interest opposite Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

In the comics, Trevor is an army pilot whose plane crashes on Paradise Island, the secluded home of Wonder Woman and the Amazons. Princess Diana, aka Wonder Woman, helps him heal, subsequently falling in love with him and returning with him to his homeland in America. That’s how she meets heroes like Batman and Superman and eventually joins the Justice League.

Things will likely be altered a bit in the film universe, as Gadot will debut as WW in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice on March 26th, 2016, with her solo film coming on June 23rd, 2017. Pine will probably make his debut in that film, to be directed by Patty Jenkins, who filled the director’s seat after it was vacated by Breaking Bad’s Michelle MacLaren. As mentioned and as is typical in the modern franchise model, Pine has signed on for multiple pictures, meaning it’s feasible he’ll also appear in November 17th, 2017’s first Justice League film as well.

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