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Foo Fighters’ Top 10 Songs

on July 04, 2015, 4:35pm
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10. “White Limo”

Maybe it’s their Lemmy-starring, VHS-quality music video, but “White Limo” is Foo Fighters at their sleaziest, right? Indecipherable, screeching verses and a primal scream of a chorus make up the engine that revs and accelerates throughout its runtime. Hawkins’ percussion smashes through windshields while the triple-guitar attack of Grohl/Shiflett/Smear welcomingly swerves and crashes into Maiden territory. It was the first taste of Wasted Light, and despite being the shortest song on the band’s most recent effort, we think it’s the best that record has to offer now that we’re two years removed (and that’s saying something). –Justin Gerber

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