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Foo Fighters’ Top 10 Songs

on July 04, 2015, 4:35pm
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09. “Razor”

The double behemoth that was 2005’s In Your Honor proved that the Foos could take it slow and steady for an entire disc. And as much as we love ’em loud, we’d be remiss not to include at least one of the band’s unplugged tunes. That distinction goes to album closer “Razor”, a meditative number that builds in volume and tempo the same way as Foo Fighters’ heavier material, just with softer guitars. It could be about depression, a failing relationship, or both, but I like to think of it as a hibernation song. Honeycombed acoustic plucking guides us all to our hiding places for the winter, then wakes us up when spring comes. Now’s the time to throw it on. Now’s the time to sleep and not shiver. –Dan Caffrey

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