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Genius fake trailer imagines what Mission: Impossible would look like starring Chris Farley

on July 31, 2015, 12:32pm

Tom Cruise is a mega action superstar, there’s no doubt about it. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation is a smash amongst critics, and will almost surely dominate the box office this weekend. But what if the M:I series had a different lead actor? What if another beloved star with a slightly different type of repertoire had filled the role of Ethan Hunt? What if, oh say, Chris Farley took on the impossible mission? Well, thanks to a pretty terrific YouTube edit by one Todd Spence, we have our answer.

For some unknown (but in retrospect, completely genius) reason, Spence spliced a bunch of scenes from Farley’s films into the Rogue Nation trailer, and gave us an action star for the ages. And Farley doesn’t come off as just a hapless, The Man Who Knew Too Little kind of spy, either, but rather a seat-of-your-pants, bullet-dodging badass. It also serves as a reminder that long before Cruise strapped himself in, Farley did the whole “stuck in an airplane door bit” way back in Black Sheep.

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Check out the trailer for the action franchise you wish could be real below: