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I only want to see you living in Prince’s house from Purple Rain

on July 28, 2015, 3:20pm

Celebrity real estate goes on sale all the time, but usually it’s wildly unobtainable, like the half-million that Kurt Cobain’s childhood home cost, or the $100 million price point for Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. A few years back, Prince sold his stunning Spanish villa for $7.5 million; now, for those looking for a piece of the Purple Proprietor’s property for a prettier penny, there’s good news. The house that served as the home for Prince’s character in Purple Rain is on sale for only $110,000.

Keep in mind that Prince’s The Kid never actually enters or leaves the Minneapolis house in the film, and the interiors were probably shot somewhere else. Still, the three bedroom, 1,348 square foot home located at 3420 Snelling Ave was used for exterior shots, and now it can be yours (via Numero Group).

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The Zillow listing for the property notes that “this home needs to be rehabbed,” adding that a newer boiler was installed back in 2010. Pictures of the property show a shower in severe need of repair, a kitchen that could use a top-to-bottom overhaul, and a closet in which someone scrawled “Katie Loves” and painted over the name of whoever was the (apparently) ex-lover. But hey, there’s a handicap-accessible ramp, at least!

Check out the full listing at Zillow, where you can also submit a note to the real estate agent. Below, peep some pics of the screen-famous property.

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