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Jimmy Fallon lives out rock ‘n’ roll fantasy with U2 at Madison Square Garden — watch

on July 23, 2015, 11:45am

It’s no secret Jimmy Fallon really wants to be a rockstar. You can tell by the way he inserts himself into performances with everyone from Blur to Billy Joel on The Tonight Show. As close as those moments come to living the rock ‘n’ roll dream, however, nothing beats getting the chance to sing with U2 on the Madison Square Garden stage. And that’s just what Fallon did last night.

Midway through the show, which itself sat midway through an eight-day stretch at MSG, Bono brought a lucky audience member up on stage. They danced through “Mysterious Ways”, and then began taking selfies and filming themselves with the crowd. Bono decided to bring up another audience member, this one holding a sign that read “Singer with broken finger?”, who was revealed to be none other than U2 mega-fan Jimmy Fallon. Bono let him take lead on “Desire”, and by all accounts, the late night host really delivered, even ripping into the harmonica solo at the end.

Fallon then welcomed his own house band, The Roots, out onto the stage, and the momentary supergroup performed “Angel of Harlem”. Video of both performances can be seen below (skip to the 3:20 mark in the first one for Fallon’s entrance); though they’re not the best quality, they’re up close and the sound is pretty okay. My only question is, where’s the video the girl on stage was recording? That I wanna see.

“Mysterious Ways” into “Desire” with Jimmy Fallon:

“Angel of Harlem” with The Roots and Jimmy Fallon:

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