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Listen to Sharon Van Etten’s “Words”, an ode to Tig Notaro

on July 14, 2015, 4:30pm

Tig Notaro cemented her place in the annals of Stand Up Comedy History in 2012 with one of the most honest, heartbreaking, and hilarious sets of all time. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, contracting the deadly infection C-Diff, losing her mother, and being dumped all within a few months, Notaro took the stage at LA’s Largo and delivered a now-legendary set. Directors Kristina Goolsby and Ashley York began documenting the trajectory of her life after she stepped off that stage, following her for an entire year. The resulting film, Tig, will be released this Friday, July 17th on Netflix.

If you stick around through the credits, you’ll hear a new song Sharon Van Etten wrote specifically for Notaro. Entitled “Words”, the track is a haunting ode of plodding keys and reverberating synths. “Creation, and relation is the love/ And right, there’s no right/ There’s just words and words,” Van Etten sings, touching on the complexities of language when your whole life is about communicating with words. Take a listen:

Below, watch the trailer for Tig:

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