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Nate Heller shares new song “Dreamsong” featuring Dirty Projectors’ Amber Coffman — listen

on July 28, 2015, 1:25pm

Teenage years are almost universally awkward. In director Marielle Heller’s Diary of a Teenage Girl, the titular teenage girl Minnie finds herself having a sexual awakening with her mother’s boyfriend. That’s a bit more problematic than a pimple the day before the school dance.

Set in 1976, the movie boasts a soundtrack full of familiar favorites like The Stooges, Television, and T. Rex. Alongside these classics, Marielle’s brother Nate Heller has composed two songs to round out the coming of age story. Now, he’s shared the first track on the soundtrack, “Dreamsong”, featuring Amber Coffman of The Dirty Projectors.

The song captures the dreamy quality of adolescence while also fitting into the era of the movie. Coffman’s airy vocals sound wistful over Heller’s softly strummed acoustic guitar chords. As the title would imply, the lyrics center around Coffman’s dreams. Some are about being princesses, others are about seeing her life as a soundless opera. It’s a wistful and beautiful ode to love and the sleeping world, almost summarizing the song itself as Coffman coos, “Did you want it to end or reprise?”

Listen in below.

Both the Diary of a Teenage Girl film and soundtrack are due out on August 7th.

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