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Pemberton 2015 Festival Review: 20 Most Memorable Sets + Photos

on July 21, 2015, 6:30pm
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Best Work in Progress

Spooky Black (Corbin)


“This is our first show together,” said Spooky Black, aka Corbin, and everything but the music would exemplify this fact. The singer rarely looked up from his shoes, or even opened his eyes, and when he spoke, it was more sheepish than his withdrawn stage demeanor would even indicate. But the voice of Corbin, usually falling somewhere between James Blake and Antony Hegarty, enthralled, until “Worn” left that behind and found the young man yelling and rapping effectively. Just when you thought the tone of the set had come into focus, a pretty terrible Bob Marley cover (“Is This Love”) appeared, seemingly just to fill time. In the end, the lasting feeling of Spooky Black was intrigue, with Corbin maintaining his weirdness, humor, and clear talent while delivering disinterested irreverence that maybe only millennials can truly appreciate. If the goal was to maintain a mystery, it had been achieved.

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