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Photoreal shares new song “That Life” — listen

on July 29, 2015, 12:50pm

Brooklyn pop-rock duo Photoreal concerns itself with memories — primarily, memories of past and present relationships. It’s territory lead vocalist Diwas Gurung and vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Dan Halperin have explored since they began releasing singles in 2012. Now they’re continuing this trend with their latest song, “That Life”.

From the opening synthesizer pulses and drum machine snaps, there’s a sense of nostalgia to the track. Right away, Gurung starts looking backward, remembering a life he once had and a face he used to fondly gaze upon. The bright tones of the guitar can’t overpower the looming sadness in the vocals and lyrics, giving a beautiful glaze to the band’s melancholy. It’s a serene look at regret and longing for a first love, utilizing the familiar sounds of ’80s pop.

Listen in below.

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