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Saba and Tink show fortitude on new song “Temporary” — listen

on July 17, 2015, 10:51am

Before the big bucks and sponsorships roll in, musicians, much like actors and athletes, often face an uphill climb in their careers. There are disbelievers, financial woes, and days when it feels as though chasing a dream simply isn’t worth the struggle. Rising Chicago MCs Saba and Tink know this predicament all too well — but they also have the fortitude to forge on and weather whatever storms come their way. That’s the focus of their new collaborative track titled “Temporary”.

“Everything is temporary, new friends so temporary,” Saba reflects over a loop of melancholy acoustic guitar, sounding more wise than resigned. One of the Windy City’s brightest rappers, Tink echoes similar sentiments, but with more of a punch. “Who are you to judge me now?” she asks, confronting her haters. “Even when I’m low and weary, I’ll get up again somehow,” she continues, before delivering the ultimate send-off, “Fuck you and your opinions.”

Listen in below.

“Temporary” was produced by CHAD, who previously worked on Saba’s “Next Door” featuring Lucki Eck$. Tink recently was in the spotlight for her excellent single “I Like”.