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Sleater-Kinney give teenage girls dating advice for Rookie’s “Ask a Grown Woman” — watch

on July 14, 2015, 4:14pm

The ladies of Sleater-Kinney have long been about the grrrl power. From the defense of a woman’s right to say “No” on their self-titled debut’s “A Real Man”, to the self-empowerment of “Surface Envy” off No Cities to Lovethe Olympia, WA have always had a thing or two to say about being a woman in America. That’s what made them such perfect participants for Rookie Mag’s video Q&A feature, “As a Grown Woman”.

Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker sat down at a Dublin music venue to respond to inquires from Rookie’s female readers. The pair fielded a trio of relationship questions from teens across the country. Their wisdom for telling your beau you’re not feeling the relationship anymore? “Once you get it out, it will be easier.” Brownstein’s advice for your first kiss? “Just rub your noses together” first. And what do they tell someone just coming to terms with their homosexuality? It’s all about “small acts of bravery in your life.”

See what other sage tidbits they drop in the video below.

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