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Top 10 Songs of the Week (7/24)

on July 24, 2015, 2:15pm
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Between Taylor-Nicki, Meek-Drake, and Ghostface-Bronson, the music world was pretty contentious this week. Heck, there was even some strenuous argument among the Top Songs crew over which of the many contending tracks should make the cut. But, much like the set of tunes that we present you with (and that Taylor-Nicki beef), things ended on a more harmonious note. So grab some sweet vibes courtesy of Stefan Ponce, talk about kissing with producer Lum, get into the groove with Kurt Vile, or, if you’re still feeling the darkness, get goth with Wax Idols or aggressive with Foals.

10. Lum – “Kissing”

Lum Kissing

If I remember my teenage years accurately, very few things were scarier than the awkward first kiss. Bedroomer’s Lum encapsulates the many emotions of that moment within the harmonious chaos of the aptly titled “Kissing”. Just one taste of Lum’s vocal serenity when cast against a backdrop of stuttering melodies and electronic eloquence and it’s difficult not to dive right back in. A fan of silent devotion, as the track professes, Lum has allowed his Toronto base to intimately simmer in this bliss. With “Kissing”, Lum has earned the ears and hearts of lovers spread across the globe. –Derek Staples

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