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WOMPS share new song “Live A Little Less” — listen

on July 13, 2015, 10:50am

Glasgow punks WOMPS are the result of change. Originally known as Algernon Doll,  the band decided to shed their old name as their lineup began to drastically change. Despite the rebirth, they’re still sticking with their ferocious, guitar-heavy sound. And who better to ignite this aesthetic than famed producer Steve Albini? The band holed up in Albini’s Electrical Audio Studio in Chicago this past December, intending to record their upcoming debut LP. While they put the finishing touches on the record, the band is releasing their first double A-side 7-inch, Live A Little Less / Dreams On Demand, out September 28th via Damnably.

The first song from the single, “Live A Little Less”, shows just how much the band is upping the ante. Opening with a flurry of guitar noise, the track never lets up in intensity. Frontman Ewan Grant still manages to give an inkling of pop sensibility, singing bright melodies over drummer Owen Wicksted’s erupting drum fills. It has the marking of bands Albini’s previously worked with, like Nirvana and Cloud Nothings, but with a little bit of classic Glasgow sentimentality.

Listen in below.

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