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Adir L.C. premieres crunchy new song “New City” — listen

on August 27, 2015, 12:55pm

Indie rocker Adir L.C. got his start in the sweaty basements of Glen Rock, New Jersey, not unlike local staple acts Titus Andronicus and Real Estate, but he wouldn’t stay there for long. With a hunger for the world beyond his backyard, he set off for various destinations — including New Paltz, New York, whose music scene he figured into prominently — meeting and forging friendships with handfuls of new people along the way.

His love for music may have led him to travel far and wide, but he’s come full circle in a way. Those global experiences have now had a major impact on Adir L.C.’s creativity — his forthcoming album, Oceanside Cities, is inspired by that sense of wanderlust and transience. A press statement elaborates further:

Oceanside Cities describes a young person’s search for identity and purpose as something essentially solitary and global in scope. Friends and community provide sustenance, love, and temporary shelter along the way, but, like a hero waylaid among the lotus eaters, in song after song, the singer struggles between the comforts of connection and the spiritual imperative of moving along.”

Adir L.C.’s latest offering, “New City”, captures the album’s aesthetic, its winding, whimsical nature reminiscent of the hefty, guitar-led arrangements of Built to Spill and sometimes David Bazan’s Pedro the Lion. What keeps Adir L.C. grounded — and what kept the aforementioned bands grounded, too — is a commitment to being honest, to being human when it’s tough to be vulnerable. Listen in below.

Oceanside Cities, written in multiple cities and recorded in Tel-Aviv, is due out on November 6th. For more, hear the previously released “Half Right”.