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Bird Peterson reimagines METZ’s “The Swimmer” — listen

on August 11, 2015, 12:10pm

With all the noise they make, post-punk rockers METZ have attracted a wide range of fans. Included in those ranks is Austin beatmaker Bird Peterson. Though Peterson’s electronic genre and METZ’s punk explosions may not seem the likeliest of bedfellows, the former has recently said that he’s leaving trap music behind, so perhaps the fact that they’ve teamed up for a remix isn’t that odd after all.

“I love this band and this record,” Peterson tells Consequence of Sound. “And when we met, I asked if I could go nuts on some of their tunes. And then I did. So many nuts involved. I just wanted to be loud and loud and nuts and loud.”

The track the Canadian rockers handed over to Peterson was the METZ II track “The Swimmer”. “We gave Bird the stems to ‘Swimmer’ and let him go nuts,” the band says, once again emphasizing the nuttiness of the whole endeavor. And the results certainly warrant the word; Peterson hasn’t just remixed the track, but reimagined it.

The palpitating rhythm of the original is slowed a bit, adding a new level of drama. While the beat occasionally drops out entirely, it’s augmented elsewhere, pushed to the top of the mix and enhanced with some furiously worked drum machines. Despite the slight drop in tempo, all the added noise might have actually made the track louder than ever. Check it out below.

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