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Broen premieres engaging new song “Boy” — listen

on August 31, 2015, 9:30am

Broen defies genre. The Norwegian outfit blends Britpop, hip-hop, and West African rhythms, and they do it all with glam-rock aesthetics. But behind their colorful sounds, there’s aching and heartbreak. Such is the case on their latest single, “Boy”.

“I wrote the chorus about an ex-boyfriend that I had a strong love/hate relationship with,” vocalist Marianna Røe tells Consequence of Sound. “Turns out it was just hate. It’s basically about feeling so taken aback by someone’s actions that you feel like a cartoon.”

Tuba player Heida Mobeck shares her sentiments, adding, “Lyrically, it’s inspired by how feelings and reactions are described in cartoons [The Mask, for example]. ‘Boy’ is the kind of song that just is what it is and maybe because of that, we have grown more and more fond of it after playing it live again and again.”

Over synthesizer pulses and snapping drum loops, Røe outlines her disenchantment. What starts as a somber synthpop ballad grows into a frantic guitar breakdown. Much like the tumultuous stages of a relationship falling apart, the song unravels faster and faster. It’s an engaging listen, highlighting the band’s prowess for holding together seemingly competing ideas.

Listen in below.

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