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Family of the Year shares new song “May I Miss You” — listen

on August 12, 2015, 12:57pm

Family of the Year has had quite the year. After their song “Hero” was featured in last summer’s Oscar-nominated hit film Boyhood, the band landed on top of the AAA Radio Chart. Now, they’re keeping the momentum going as they prepare to release their new self-titled record on September 4th via Nettwerk. We’ve already heard the chugging ballad “Give A Little”, and now they’re raising the intensity with their new song “May I Miss You”.

Frontman Joe Keefe describes the track as “old skool picking while your bro is messing around with a drum machine and Simon and sometimes Garfunkel are singing about missing a girl they don’t really know.”

Opening with a flurry of acoustic guitar picks, the track quickly rises with stomping rhythms and lush harmonies. The intensity continues to build as the full band kicks in on the chorus. Keefe howls a rallying cry of “everything dies” before the group drops back into a more subtle romp. It’s a far cry from the wistful folk the band is known for, instead giving their own inventive twist on a rock aesthetic.

Listen in below.