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Fantastic Four spoof proves movie would’ve been better with Tobias Fünke — watch

on August 11, 2015, 3:55pm

At this point, the cinematic travesty that is the latest Fantastic Four film has been beaten to a pulp by the interwebs. Whether blame ultimately rests on director Josh Trank for being an erratic leader who had trouble with his first major picture or 20th Century Fox for being an overly pushy studio that wouldn’t let the people it hired to do a job actually do it, the film is a creative flop. The question is, what could have been done to right the ship? Well, a new YouTube trailer spoof has finally provided the answer: Tobias Fünke.

Fans may remember Arrested Development doing its own disastrous version of Marvel’s First Family during the series’ fourth season. With some clever editing, TVJunkie imagines what that ridiculous take could’ve been with a bigger budget. Turns out this action musical can have as much slippery drama and slip-shod climactic resolution as any big screen attempt Fox has made at the FF so far. Perhaps for its third try at the franchise 20th Century will finally go all in on a sing-along?

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