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Marilyn Manson is a Native American hitman in Let Me Make You a Martyr trailer — watch

on August 12, 2015, 12:39pm

The first trailer for Let Me Make You a Martyr, starring Marilyn Manson and his Sons of Anarchy co-stars Mark Boone Junior and Niko Nicotera, has come online. Manson plays a Native American hitman named Pope who’s hired by Boone’s drug-dealing pimp Larry Glass to kill his rebellious adopted son, Nicotera’s Drew. Drew, meanwhile, has fallen in love with his adopted sister, June (Sam Quartin), and the two plot their own murder to finally break free from their abusive father.

In addition to premiering the trailer, Rolling Stone published an interview with Manson and Boone. Manson called Boone his “unwanted mentor,” saying, “He tells me what to do. He’s always encouraged me, but he’s very bossy about it. He says things like, ‘You gotta do this, motherfucker. You’ll like this.'”

It turns out Boone was very right. “Within the first day, I was asked if I wanted to skin a coyote,” recalled an excited Manson. “It was already dead. And I was asked to burn down a house and ‘kill’ a bunch of people, so the answer was ‘yes’ obviously.” The shock singer also connected with Pope’s Native American heritage, as he himself is part Sioux on his mother’s side. Overall, he was thrilled to take the role. “It was the biggest role that I’ve played,” he said. “On the script, I’d say I was on half of the pages. I don’t know how the movie will end up though.”

At the end of the interview, Manson mentions that he has another film project lined up with none other than his current touring partner, Smashing PumpkinsBilly Corgan. “Billy has plans on directing and we have a project that we were thinking about doing,” Manson revealed. “It’s based on a book that I read when I was making Mechanical Animals, that he had given to me. It might be a pretty grand project, so it might not happen for a little while, but it’s a script that he’s had for a long time. I have to keep it a secret, but it’s a great role.”

Watch the trailer for Let Me Make You a Martyr, produced, written, and directed by John Swab and Corey Asraf, below.