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Meat Wave shares new song “Cosmic Zoo” — listen

on August 06, 2015, 1:35pm

Chicago indie rock outfit Meat Wave has moved quickly since their formation. Within their first year as a band, they recorded and released their debut self-titled record. The blistering punk tracks weren’t necessarily intended to be an album; the band thought they might split them up.

Earlier this year they released a new EP, Brothers, and are already preparing another release. Recorded by bassist Joe Gac, the new album was put together much more intentionally this time around. Each track was designed to interlock with the next and play as a cohesive record. That vision has culminated in their sophomore album, Delusion Moon, out September 18th via SideOneDummy Records. Leading up to the release, the band has shared its latest single, “Cosmic Zoo”.

Though the sessions that produced the track were more refined and focused, “Cosmic Zoo” maintains an unhinged edge. Guitar riffs skitter over rapid drum rhythms while frontman Chris Sutter howls maniacally. The band feels on edge, ready to snap at any moment, but manage to sustain under the pressure. It’s a fun burst of energy from the flesh-named rockers.

“‘Cosmic Zoo’ is based on conversations you have with people who present their personal opinions on life or the universe as fact or the truth,” Sutter tells Consequence of Sound. “The song is saying, ‘Well, we’re kind of all in this crazy, zoo-like life together, I think it’s pretty uncertain.’ I remember when we were all playing in the room tracking this song in particular, and experiencing a pretty transcendental, transporting feeling from what we were doing. Don’t really remember tracking any of the other songs.”

Listen in below.

Pre-orders for the album are ongoing.

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