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The entirety of Foo Fighters’ Million Dollar Demos tape leaks online

on August 05, 2015, 9:43am

For Record Store Day, Foo Fighters released Songs From the Laundry Room, a 10-inch EP containing unreleased demos from the band’s 1995 debut. Now comes another opening of the vault, albeit in a much less official capacity.

Recently, the entirety of what has come to be known as the Million Dollar Demos surfaced on Reddit. As the story goes, inner-band turmoil nearly forced Foo Fighters to break up whilst recording their 2002 album One By One. Ultimately, they recorded two different versions of the album, the latter of which was the one released to the public. The other version has remained unreleased, though various tracks from it have leaked over time.

The Million Dollar Demos contains 11 tracks, 10 of which were considered for the album. Of those 10, three were officially released: “Tired Of You”, “Walking A Line”, and “Normal”. Two others, “Have It All” and “Come Back” later leaked online.

As a Reddit posting explains:

“For some reason, an anonymous Redditor made a new account, whose only post is a download link for the Million Dollar Demos. This is the first time these have been made available in their entirety to the public, and have been sought after by die-hard fans (myself included) for the last 13 years. Most of the songs are similar to their final counterparts, while other songs like ‘Come Back’ and ‘Lonely As You’ are drastically different.”

Find more details on Million Dollar Demos, including a link to download, via Reddit. Below, listen to the demo version of “Have It All”.

Million Dollar Demos Tracklist:
01. All My Life
02. Low #
03. Walking a Line ^
04. Have It All
05. Times Like These #
06. Disenchanted Lullaby #
07. Tired of You #
08. Halo
09. Normal ^
10. Lonely As You
11. Overdrive
12. Burn Away
13. Come Back

# = Appears on One By One
^ = Released as B-side