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Angel Haze and Kwamie Liv get animated in video for “Pleasure This Pain” — watch

on September 02, 2015, 1:52pm

Angel Haze didn’t really know much about Danish artist Kwamie Liv until her management brought them together. As the New York rapper tells it herself, they “somehow found ourselves on a four-hour Skype call,” which led to Liv finding the inspiration to pen a track specifically for the pair. The result was “Pleasure This Pain”, a low-burning track that encapsulates the broken feelings that too often come with love. Now, the unexpected duo have re-teamed with co-producer Baby Duka for the song’s animated video.

“We wanted to create a limitless playground that Angel and I could live in for that song,” explained Liv, who had previously worked with Duka on the Facebook cartoon Sunday Strip. “Also, working with a music producer who is capable of drawing and animating something so beautiful and not utilizing it would be madness.”

The clip sees Haze and Liv taking a long drive off a short cliff, ending in a dream-like Mexican standoff. There’s a bit of magic, a bit of mystery to the animation, paralleling the vibe of the song itself. Check it out below.

Haze recently announced her new Back to the Woods mixtape and premiered the single “Babe Ruthless”.