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Forebear shares new song “Eon” — listen

on September 30, 2015, 1:56pm

Forebear isn’t afraid of tackling an existential crisis. The Los Angeles indie rock outfit thrives on pondering the frailty of the world around them. Plus, there’s enough talent in the group to take on such weighty issues. Formed in 2014, the group’s members individually have backed up superstar artists such as Feist, Keith Urban, and Kimbra. Their dexterity and lofty ambitions played out expertly when they released their self-titled EP, which featured song titles like “North Korea and the Five Stages of Grief” and “Who Writes Off Who”. Now, they’re taking their pursuits to biblical levels with their follow-up EP, Cody, out later this year.

“This EP draws parallels to the exile from Eden and explores what it means to be isolated,” frontman Scott Goldbaum tells Consequence of Sound. “The songs trace a wandering mind as it contests everything it once thought of as constant and uncovers the unforeseen joy of what no longer is. Sorrow sees groove, a fear of connection invites people to sing along, and that despair settles into deeper acceptance with an appreciation for the music that accompanies the character’s imagination. The only thing left to be determined is whether the imagination is a figurative fire that warms or destroys.”

Their latest single, “Eon”, carries the intensity of these ideas with thrilling dynamics. Right away the song opens with skittering guitar strums and furious drumming. Violist Molly Rogers’ sweet string melodies only add to the tension, creating a sensation of collision. There are brief moments of relief when the instrumentation breaks down, only to find the band jumping immediately back into the mayhem. It’s an exhilarating testament to the band’s abilities that they’re able to build such a monolithic piece while simultaneously keeping the song from succumbing to inertia.

Listen in below.

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