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Fresh Snow shares new song “Don’t Fuck a Gift Horse in the Mouth” featuring Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham — listen

on September 09, 2015, 4:05pm

Toronto instrumental psych outfit Fresh Snow prefer to keep themselves shrouded in mystery. They’ll frequently conceal their identities by wear masks while performing on stage. Their 2013 debut album, I, only heightened their enigmatic nature with peculiar track names like “BMX Based Tactics” and “Your Thirst For Magic Has Been Quenched By Death!”. With their latest album, Won, out September 11th via Hand Drawn Dracula, they may not be ready to reveal too much more of themselves, but they’re bringing along some more recognizable faces.

“These songs bridge the gap between our improvised and cut and paste based songs of the past and the actual conscious writing of songs of the present,” drummer Jon Maki tells Consequence of Sound. “One thing we’re definitely not good at, is sticking to just one thing, so this gave us more opportunity to work with some friends.”

One of those friends happens to be fellow Torontonian Damian Abraham of Fucked Up. In keeping with the “fuck” theme, Abraham guests on the album’s final track, “Don’t Fuck a Gift Horse in the Mouth”.

The 10-minute opus opens with clamoring drums and a methodical bass line curling up against synthesizer stutters. It’s a patient song, slowly building with layers of fuzz and locking into a groove. It isn’t until halfway through that Abraham even shows up, sputtering hellfire with his gravely voice. As he yells, “It melts away,” his vocals dissolve into echoes and slowly blend into the manic instrumentals. It’s a powerful epic, contorting between psych meltdowns and post-rock sincerity.

Listen in below.