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Friend Roulette offshoot Spritzer shares new song “Don’t Die, Kill Me” — listen

on September 21, 2015, 11:45am

As one of the founding members of Brooklyn indie rock outfit Friend Roulette, Matthew Meade has become a reputable source for dreamy melodies coupled with hazy production. However, for his latest side project, Spritzer, he’s playing around with a slightly different sound.

New song “Don’t Die, Kill Me” illustrates this switching of gears well. Taken from his upcoming 7-inch, the cut finds Meade — who describes himself as “420 friendly” and “chill” — skewing toward more heady, gloomier pastures.

“‘Don’t Die, Kill Me’ is a reflection of time spent with a dark person you can’t let go of,” he explains to Consequence Of Sound. “A relationship that by no means is ideal yet is perpetuated by a false reality of day dreams.”

Opening with a riot of sounds, including guitars and drums rumbling against each other in an all-out brawl, the song itself is a manic and frenzied affair. Just as suddenly as these elements rush in, they also come to a halting stop, paving the way for a low yet surreal verse. The song is riddled with these ups and downs, pushing the boundaries of how many dynamic arrangements can fit into a singular piece. It’s a bold and expansive outing, and one that shows just how far Meade is willing to take his musical whims.

Listen in below.

Spritzer’s upcoming 7-inch is slated for release on October 10th via Paper Garden Records.

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