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North Coast 2015 Festival Review: Top 10 Moments

on September 07, 2015, 6:30pm
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In late April, North Coast Music Festival unveiled the lineup for its sixth incarnation. Just a glance and we were sold. The bolded text that stretched across the top section of the poster revealed two of the best available acts of 2015. Personally, I would’ve been satisfied with just D’Angelo and The Chemical Brothers, but the folks at NCMF didn’t stop there. The weekend offered a medley of sounds across R&B, funk, electronic, hip-hop, and the distinct noodle of a jam band or two.

Friday began softly, with several artists trying to engage an audience that didn’t quite show up until the later evening. Saturday was all smiles, especially after an early morning drizzle dulled the forecasted heat. And Sunday, well, Sunday The Chemical Brothers played one of their first US shows in over four years.

Sure, we saw a few more scantily clad teenagers and muscle-filled bro tanks than we would’ve liked, but hey, no one is perfect. In amongst the drooling zombies smoking DMT at Shpongle were plenty of true music fans, and it is with all of you that we share our 10 favorite moments.

–Kevin McMahon
Staff Writer

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