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Samson the Truest premieres infectious new single “Sidewinder” — listen

on September 01, 2015, 1:40pm

Brooklyn singer-songwriter Sam Geller, aka Samson the Truest, has long sought for balance in his music career. Starting at 15 years old, he performed and worked with various bands from his native Boston and Portland, Oregon. It wasn’t until he ended up in New York in 2011, though, that he found steady footing between “vulnerability” and “self-destruction” working with hip-hop producer Scott Thorough, and adopted his Samson moniker.

For his latest album, Come Back Shane, Samson is coming full circle and reuniting with the Thorough beatsmith. Due out on October 2nd via Hart Beat Hustle Records, the LP is previewed today with an endearingly catchy new single called “Sidewinder”.

“‘Sidewinder’ is about riding the Coney Island carousel of lovers in what feels like the end times,” Geller tells Consequence of Sound. “Like Tindering during a hurricane, or searching for true love in the rubble, there’s something bizarre about our bodily lust when coupled with our rational knowledge that we’re hopelessly fucked. That being said, it does make for a good love story. And in a way it makes perfect sense, because it happens when you’re completely focused on what’s in front of you but then — wham! — love strikes from your blind spot. Love is a force that relates to apocalypse; eros and thanatos. The biblical Samson embodies this aspect of love with his special heart-on-his-sleeve brand of self-destruction.”

The track opens with moody guitar chords reminiscent of Jeff Buckley before jumping into a jaunty and infectious riff. Snapping drums can also be heard playfully dancing beneath Geller’s crooning vocals. The song clocks in at just over two minutes, but its brevity demands instant replay. Though the song may be concerned with destruction, its bright melodies and aesthetic build up a palpable jovial feeling.

Listen in below.

Samson is set to play New York’s Rockwood Music Hall on September 18th. For more information, head here.

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