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Stream: Air Formation’s new EP, Were We Ever Here

on September 22, 2015, 1:40pm

Brighton, England shoegaze outfit Air Formation formed in the wake of the genre’s heyday in 2000. Even still, the band built a devoted fan base with their lush guitar arrangements, fuzz indulgence, and scorching live performances. They swooned for nearly a decade before calling it quits after releasing 2010’s Nothing To Wish For (Nothing To Lose).

Last year, however, the band secretly began working on new material, pulling from songs they had started before their break-up and recording it all within two days. Now they’ve formally reunited and will release a brand new EP called Were We Ever Here, out September 25th via Club AC30. In anticipation, it’s streaming in full below.

“The idea was to try and create a companion piece to our 2005 57 Octaves Below EP, to celebrate 10 years of us being a five piece and our first Club AC30 release,” the band tells Consequence Of Sound. “Where possible we used the same equipment, right down to the same drumsticks.”

Air Formation also expands upon their breakup, saying, “In hindsight maybe using the word “split” back in 2010 was a little hasty, although we genuinely felt like something had changed and that we needed to go off and do different things, or nothing at all. We have always been (and stayed) close friends and decided just to start this EP project for ourselves as a way of getting together, being creative and having fun regardless of any end result. Though out of that we feel we’ve created some of our best music to date.”

The EP itself is a pulverizing snapshot of the band’s mastery of noise and effects. The crunch, swells, swirls, and drones on each track weave a shrouded tapestry of the band’s legacy. Each layer feels tastefully placed on top of the other, making songs like opener “If I Could Stay” feel cinematic and emotionally overwhelming. The band’s sound has gotten better and matured since the split, but lets hope they stick around this time.

Were We Ever Here Tracklist:
01. If I Could Stay
02. Last Resolve
03. On The Floor
04. Wasted Days

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