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Stream: Battles’ new album La Di Da Di

on September 10, 2015, 9:25am

On September 18th, Battles return with their new album entitled La Di Da Di via Warp Records. In anticipation, the LP is streaming in full below via

Spanning 12 tracks, La Di Da Di serves as the experimental trio’s follow-up to 2011’s Gloss Drop. Among the songs included: “The Yabba”, “FF Bada”, “Summer Simmer”, “Tyne Wear”, and “Dot Com”.

In a recent interview with Consequence of Sound, Battles’ guitarist/bassist Dave Konopka discussed why the band decided to return to a “purely instrumental sound” for their new LP:

“It started off as working within the elements we can control and what we can do between the three of us. We started writing songs we felt were interesting in an instrumental format. It was a different story when we were writing Gloss Drop, and we had guest vocalists because, as you’re writing, you can easily layer and layer and layer. As you’re writing, you have to leave a little space for vocals. I think that as we started churning out more material, we found that we were most interested in writing an instrumental album, not predictably repeating what we did on Gloss Drop or Mirrored. It’s working with the elements that we have control over. Generally speaking, we’ve always been mostly instrumental, so it wasn’t too much of a leap for us.”

Pre-orders are ongoing.

La Di Da Di Tracklist:
01. The Yabba
02. Dot Net
03. FF Bada
04. Summer Simmer
05. Cacio e Pepe
06. Non-Violence
07. Dot Com
08. Tyne Wear
09. Tricentennial
10. Megatouch
11. Flora > Fauna
12. Luu Le

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