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Stream: Bikini Kill’s debut demo tape Revolution Girl Style Now

on September 14, 2015, 1:13pm

Olympia, Washington’s original riot grrrls Bikini Kill have been reissuing their early releases via their own Bikini Kill Records for the last three years. Today, they’ve shared an early stream of the latest entry in the career-spanning series: their original Revolution Girl Style Now demo tape.

The new edition of this piece of rock history includes three never-before-heard tracks in “Playground”, “Ocean Song”, and “Just Once”. Originally released in 1991, the September 22nd reissue will see the tape available on CD and vinyl for the first time ever. Limited edition cassette tapes will also be sold, though as the band told Rolling Stone, they might not be as unique as the originals:

“[Nirvana] had all these cassettes, and the record company or whoever was putting it out accidentally put the same songs on both sides, and they couldn’t use [the tapes]. And they gave us this bag of used cassettes, so we taped over them, and then we just put a cassette label over it to hide the ‘Nirvana’ bit. If anyone has an original one, they can peel that off and they’ll see it. And also you can actually hear, because our music will stop first, and then you can hear the end of ‘Negative Creep’, or whatever.”

Cassettes are only available via mail order, but all other formats can be pre-ordered now via CASH Music. Below, stream Revolution Girl Style Now in its entirety.

Revolution Girl Style Now Reissue Tracklist:
01. Candy
02. Daddy’s L’il Girl
03. Feels Blind
04. Suck My Left One
05. Carnival
06. This Is Not a Test
07. Double Dare Ya
08. Liar
09. Ocean Song
10. Just Once
11. Playground

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