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Stream: The Noise Figures’ sophomore album Aphelion

on September 24, 2015, 1:35pm

Greek indie rock duo The Noise Figures comes from holy origins. After a sacred Ikarian Feast day in 2012, childhood friends Stamos Bampari and George Nikas made the decision to begin collaborating on music. Just one year later, they released their self-titled debut and began touring the world with their mystical, fuzzed out garage rock.

Being on the road with the likes of Japandroids and Black Rebel Motorcycle club became a refuge for the band, as Greece hit a crippling economic crisis in 2014. With their home country wrapped in turmoil, The Noise Figures sought hope and inspiration through playing across Europe. Now, they’ve taken those experiences and laid them down on reel-to-reel tape for their sophomore album, Aphelion, out September 28th via Inner Ear Records. In anticipation, the album is streaming in full below.

“Most of the basic ideas behind the tracks of our second album were written while touring in Europe,” vocalist and drummer Nikas tells Consequence Of Sound. “Soundchecks or day offs. We decided that we should call it Aphelion, the Earth’s longest distance to the sun. As we were traveling, we were leaving back the Greek clear blue sky. When we came back in Athens, we entered the Artracks Studio and recorded Aphelion in less than a week. We used some nice ’70s’ equipment and a tape recorder. Our producer Alex helped us evolve our sound and our playing and create a more solid album than our debut. It’s newborn. The newest member in the Noise Figures family.”

The results of their extensive touring makes Aphelion feel like the ultimate desert road trip soundtrack. Bampari’s guitar riffs evoke images of dust storms and bewitching mirages. Paired with Nikas’ menacing vocals, the tracks bounce between black magic and divine intervention. The two-piece makes plenty of noise, filling in every space on the LP’s 10 tracks with aching distortion and slowcore rhythms.

Aphelion Tracklist:
01. Shoot The Moon
02. In The Boneyard
03. Run
04. Don’t Throw Your Hand
05. Aphelion
06. Holy One
07. Feathers
08. Blood
09. No Use
10. Celebration Time

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