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The Foreign Resort shares new song “Under Bright Neon Stars” — listen

on September 30, 2015, 3:20pm

Post-punk outfit The Foreign Resort hail from Denmark, a nation that’s frequently reported as bearing the “happiest people on Earth.” It’s an interesting enough contrast to the band’s brooding and manic aesthetic, but the Danish trio certainly do well to represent their home country’s compassion. On October 23rd, they’ll release their latest EP, This American Dream, which sees the band turning their concerns across the ocean and toward the United States.

The band has a healthy fascination with America. While touring the States, they found welcoming and caring people – a major contrast to the corporate greed and mistreatment of underprivileged citizens the band saw within the American government. They pay homage to this apparent contradiction with their latest single, “Under Bright Neon Stars”. The song itself captures this dichotomy, pairing glowing guitar flourishes and snapping drums with deprecating lyrics. Frontman Mikkel B. Jakobsen speaks to this sense of desperation directly, woefully crooning, “Can’t sleep it’s the middle of the night/ It’s kind of sad.” Though they may live on the other side of the Prime Meridian, the Danish rockers have a firm grasp on the struggle many people face in the States.

“‘Under Bright Neon Stars’ is an ode to the homeless, but specifically aimed toward Americans, working their asses off, struggling to pay their bills but not being able to do so despite working two jobs,” the band tells Consequence of Sound. “Why do we as Danes in ‘the happiest nation in the world’ care about this? Because we see a trend. A trend of American corporate lobbyism, making its way into European politics, creating working poor in Germany, right at our door step.”

Listen in below.

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