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Top 10 Songs of the Week (9/4)

on September 04, 2015, 12:35pm
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Looking at the song titles in this week’s Top 10 Songs, you’d think we might be in a pretty foul mood. “Revenge”, “Destroyer”, “Piss”, “Bite”, and “Unrequited” all make appearances. But, the reality is quite the opposite: We’re thrilled by this bunch of powerful tunes that range the emotional spectrum. Check out Horse Head’s doom metal or Travi$ Scott and Kanye West’s urine-fest, and you’ll get some of that anger. Conner Youngblood and Oneohtrix Point Never, meanwhile, are a bit more contemplative, though still plenty engaging.

10. Modern Baseball – “Revenge of the Nameless Ranger”

modern baseballConsidering their name, I hoped Modern Baseball’s “Revenge of the Nameless Ranger” would be about a lesser known member of the Texas Rangers — outfielder Drew Stubbs, perhaps — doing something heroic to help his team beat a team that released him in the past. Instead, the New England emo quartet delve into a broken relationship, jumping from memories of parking lot make-outs to the empty drawers where someone’s clothes used to be. “The quarrels with myself are turning into feuds/ Investigate your tone of voice for subtle clues,” Brendan Lukens begins, eventually twisting into a sort of resignation: “You don’t want to change me/ And I don’t want to change you.” This is one of those that’ll be a fun listen for those currently happy, and a powerfully cathartic one for those going through a rough patch, the sort of duality that Modern Baseball thrives on. –Adam Kivel

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