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Beach House unveil three new songs from Thank Your Lucky Stars — listen

on October 13, 2015, 2:25pm

Beach House announced last week that they would be following up their August release, Depression Cherrywith another brand new album. Dubbed Thank Your Lucky Stars, the LP is set for release in just three days on October 16th. Today, they’re teasing it in the same way they previewed Depression Cherry — utilizing the “Single Finder” on their website.

The way it works is simple: Choose the three songs from Beach House’s already-released catalog, and the website will decide which of the three new tracks it thinks you’ll like best. You’ll have to try different combinations to unlock the three new ones, “She’s So Lovely”, “One Thing”, and “Majorette”. If you’d prefer to take a shortcut right to the new songs, you can use this cheat sheet:

“Levitation”, “Sparks”, and “Space Song” give you “Majorette”

“Beyond Love”, “10:37”, and “PPP” give you “She’s So Lovely”

“Wildflower”, “Bluebird” and “Days of Candy” give you “One Thing”

These are also the first nine tracks on the list, so that certainly makes things easy. Of course, it’s always more fun to see where your personal tastes will take you, so head to the “Single Finder” and take a listen for yourself.

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