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Black Simon & Garfunkel cover The Weeknd with the real, white Art Garfunkel — watch

on October 01, 2015, 10:06am

“Captain” Kirk Douglas and Questlove of The Roots frequently team up as Black Simon & Garfunkel, covering hits by everyone from Taylor Swift to Katy Perry to Daft Punk. Last night on Jimmy Fallon, the duo tackled The Weeknd’s summer smash “Can’t Feel My Face”, but they weren’t alone.

In the most surprising musical appearance since Stephen Colbert booked a Paul Simon tribute band, the actual white Art Garfunkel of the actual Simon & Garfunkel appeared alongside his black counterparts and joined in on the chorus. And as is customary with all Black Simon & Garfunkel covers, they even capped off the performance with the iconic harmonies from the end of “The Boxer”.

Check out the video below.