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CHVRCHES’ Lauren Mayberry destroys heckler who asks her to marry him — watch

on October 02, 2015, 5:46pm

At this point, any fan of CHVRCHES should know that frontwoman Lauren Mayberry will not tolerate any sort of domineering male attitude. Heck, she’s practically as well known for her admonishing of misogynistic trolls as she is for things like her band’s new album, Every Open Eye. Which is why it’s probably not the best idea to try and hit on her in the middle of a show, and one fan learned that the hard way.

During a recent gig (via Reddit), Mayberry was doing some of her normal, witty banter between songs when suddenly a man called out, “Marry me!” There to perform her music for the crowd, the singer was in no mood for a proposal. “Oh, come on,” she responded, as disappointed as she was annoyed. “Do you actually think that’s… what’s the hit rate on that? When you go to public places and ask women you don’t know if they want to wed you?… Does that work out well for you, sir?”

She didn’t stop there, pointing out that the guy clearly didn’t know who she was. “And also, I assume because you’re here that you’d know a bit about our band. And I’m very grumpy. I don’t want that shit.”

“Thank you,” she wrapped up as the audience applauded her very vocal rejection. “Thank you everybody else. Sorry for shaming that one person, but if nobody tells you, you’re never gonna know. And luckily for me right now, I have a microphone and you don’t, so it works in my favor at this particular juncture.”

Check out the entire confrontation, which ends with just a bit of “Playing Dead”, below.