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David Gilmour shares spectacular animated video for “The Girl in the Yellow Dress” — watch

on October 19, 2015, 10:57am

Rarely does a video outshine its accompanying soundtrack, but that certainly is the case for David Gilmour’s “The Girl in the Yellow Dress”. Coming in support of Gilmour’s first solo album in 10 years, Rattle That Lock, the amazing animated visual was created by longtime Pink Floyd artist Aubrey Powell and director Danny Madden.

Inspired by the design of old French lithograph posters, Powell and Madden used 9,000 hand-drawn frames to illustrate a late-night rendezvous at a jazz club.

“The animation was touched by several hands to get the layered contours, vibrant colours, and exaggerated character design of old French Lithograph posters,” Madden explained to dezeen. “We wanted to create a moving version of that look, as if each frame had all the layers stamped on the page.”

“We animated with pencil, then contour lines were gone over with a brush tip marker. We used gouache to get nice life in the varying brushstrokes, then we layered the contours over the paint layer in the compositing step so that the colours would do interesting things when they ran together.”

Watch the impressive result below.

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